How to Use Your Brand Story to Get PR


Today's best public relations strategies are less about selling and more about telling stories that engage your target audience. And if you think you don't have an interesting, media-worthy story – we might just convince you otherwise. 

Whatever it is, your company's story can be interesting – and resonate with the right audience in the right format. But if you want to stand out in the eyes of the press, potential investors or your target demographic, you need to communicate a good story through your company messaging, in your social media, during interviews or any other opportunities to talk about your business. 

Make it harder to forget you by incorporating these tactics into your PR approach: 

1. Take Your Time

Pitching the press shouldn't be one-size-fits-all so take the time to think about how you can successfully tell your story to the media. There's always more than one angle to a story and different ways to describe your journey based on each outlet. Read the newspaper daily, pick-up the publications you want to appear in, listen to questions your clients and customers ask you, and read industry news to spot trends and develop your ideas. While sometimes it makes sense to repurpose communications, mass pitching is generally a PR 'no-no'. Instead try personalising your story to the person or publication you're pitching to. 

2. Make a List, Check It Twice

Make a list of the key media contacts who you want to build your reputation with – the ones who write stories on key issues in your business sector, be it journalists, broadcasters, social media influencers, freelancers or community activists. Categorise your contacts by topics or areas of interest and, most importantly, make sure you update your list regularly! 

3. Your Headline is Like Real Estate

Last year The New York Times reported that our attention spans have dropped to eight seconds before becoming distracted [down from 12 seconds in 2000] which is less than a goldfish. Even more so, many of us are relying on social media for our news, making the digital sphere a battle ground for human attention. Needless to say, headlines matter more than ever so ensure headlines, subject lines and social captions are snappy and enticing to capture attention quickly. 

4. Put the Sales Pitch on the Backseat

Today's consumer is much more aware of how and where products are made and is looking for a side of experience with their service. It's not just about the basic facts like price or pretty packaging anymore. We want to know: Who made the product? Is it sustainable? How far has it travelled? Can I get it anywhere else? What makes your offering so special? Thus, the hard sale should no longer be your top priority. We're now in the business of brand storytelling and this is more and more successfully translating into stronger customer loyalty and higher conversion rates. 

5. Don't Be Afraid to Ask For Help

Implementing a strong PR strategy can be challenging. The good news is, however, you don't have to do it alone. A good PR firm will help you establish a strong identity, effectively communicate your story, create thought leadership opportunities for you and establish your social media presence. They'll build your brand, increase your visibility and get you in front of the right audience. Why not give us a call ;)