Case Study: Janine Martins Brand + Online Identity

The Brief

Janine Martins, a new-to-market local wellness company, approached Not Your Standard to develop its brand identity. The goal was to unite the founder's three offerings – yoga, meditation and reiki – under one brand that would appeal to both the local community and overseas visitors. Additionally, Not Your Standard was engaged to integrate the new brand across existing social media platforms to establish its online presence and increase awareness of the new offerings online in a holistic manner.

Not Your Standard Approach

The Janine Martins brand is not your traditional wellness brand. With the tagline 'barefoot and buzzcut', it was imperative that the brand incorporated the founder's sense of adventure and free spiritedness alongside the consciousness and quality of her dedicated teachings and healings.

With an already established following, Not Your Standard generated a steady drumbeat of pre-launch teaser material that was pushed out across Janine Martins' social platforms, culminating in a 'big bang' brand reveal that was timed with the Janine Martins website launch [developed in-house by the client].


Logo + Colour Palette

The Janine Martins logo was meticulously crafted to embody the brand's key attributes. Brought to life by the talented OK DOAK DESIGN, the hand drawn elephant, intricately detailed with a mandala pattern, represents the highly personal nature of the brand. The font evokes the undulant flow of yoga itself in a modern, playful way by using the shapes and sense of balance/unbalance created in a yoga practice. The brand's hues are grounded in earthy tones, denoting life, growth, and harmony. Overall, the logo exudes confidence and energy tempered by a warm and welcoming feel.

Tone of Voice

Janine Martins voice was carefully written to evoke the brand personality in tone and content. In a competitive local market landscape, Janine Martins' messaging had to be pithy and compelling, enticing potential customers and loyal yogis to try something new. The brand voice is fun and engaging, and the content focuses on the uniqueness of the company's 'barefoot and buzzcut' way of life.


Social Media

A brand launch on social media was architected to create distinct daily experiences for the brand's online audience and familiarise them with the new brand while cross-promoting all its offerings. As social media would be the brand's primary touchpoint for its savvy, intelligent, and affluent demographic, it was designed to be approachable, narrative, and informative yet focused on back-to-basics education, inspirational, practical and shareable content. Leveraging the Ashtanga eight limbs of yoga, Not Your Standard developed content for an eight-day countdown to build interest and anticipation in the run up to the brand reveal and website launch. Using storytelling, personal anecdotes and beliefs, the daily posts told the founder's journey, from practitioner to entrepreneur, as related to one of the eight limbs of yoga, and concluding with 'bliss' [i.e. meaning and purpose] to announce the brand on day eight.


Not Your Standard built a bank of imagery that portrayed the barefoot and buzzcut personality of the brand, which were a mix of professional photos of the founder shot by Chad Munro entwined with candid, authentic shots and core brand elements styled and taken by Not Your Standard to showcase the vision and ethos of the new company.


As a result of Not Your Standard's efforts, Janine Martins successfully launched into the local market. Within a week of the campaign's launch, the business had secured an exclusive partnership with a luxury hospitality company and gained a significant uptick of new client enquiries.

▪ Built Brand Awareness + Profile

▪ Created Brand Authenticity + Voice

▪ Built Brand Loyalty

▪ Increased Client Base