Get More Out of Your Marketing: 5 Ways to Build Integrated Campaigns


It’s easy to get caught up in the hype and hoopla of social media and forget that it should be part of a larger strategy. Building and engaging your audience on social is an important part of any marketing strategy, but it’s only the beginning.

To improve the success of your marketing efforts, take a holistic approach and combine multi-media platforms, consistent creative and key messages to create an integrated campaign. When every aspect of your marketing strategy works together, it’s not only more impactful, but it generally increases consumer response rates and generates more leads for your business.

Whilst it’s becoming harder and harder to reach your ideal customer in today’s multi-channel world, here are just a few ways marketers can maximise brand exposure and get more out of their marketing.

1. Keep Copy Simple.
Your content is the cornerstone of your marketing. Create clear, consistent messaging that can easily be adapted to suit different mediums or channels. It can take more than five impressions for an individual to recognise a brand or a specific marketing message so make sure your communications are interesting and consistent across platforms.

2. Have a Consistent Look.
Develop a visual identity for your campaign. Your audience should immediately recognise your marketing, whether it’s an e-marketing blast or print ad. Creating a consistent look and feel for your brand allows consumers to easily associate and connect with your company’s message.

3. Integrate Calls-to-Action.
Make sure each element of your marketing campaign is set-up to reach your overarching goal. Use the same keywords and phrases throughout your marketing assets and include uniform links to help consumers navigate to your current promotion. This will also encourage engagement and interaction across your platforms.

4. Target Your Ads.
With social media algorithms prioritising advertisements, you can no longer rely on savvy content marketing efforts to build a following. You have to pay to reach them. Fortunately, digital advertising is still very reasonably priced and if you choose your platforms carefully, and cater them to your specific audiences, you can ensure a return on investment.

5. Monitor Campaign Progress.
Don’t forget to set-up the right tracking tools for your campaigns. Create a dedicated landing page or opt-ins for your most valuable content to establish verified leads and adjust ad campaigns to maximise conversions. Putting the proper analytics in place will help you understand how you’re achieving your results and give you a benchmark for future campaigns.